Trading Panels

For MT4.

This trading panel can greatly simplify the work of a trader who trades in any market condition. The utility allows you to place a market or pending orders with one click. This trading panel will be the perfect tool for the trader who catches local and global trend reversals.

A trader can place any number of pending orders with a specified step from the starting point. Also, at any convenient moment, a trader can close any transactions, be it profit, loss, or all transactions


Example: We assume that the next 50 pips (500 pips), perhaps the trend will start to reverse.

  • In order not to sit for hours at the monitor, we use the trading panel.
  • We indicate the current price - 1.0713.
  • Specify the lot with which each deal will be opened -0.10
  • We indicate the number of transactions - 5
  • We indicate the step of transactions - 10
  • Type of Transaction - Sell Limit
  • We indicate the Take Profit and Stop Loss points for all trades, in our case we do not set them.

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