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Time and experience have shown that every person dreams of getting their hands on a program that would earn money for them to free up time for their family, loved ones and friends.

But such software itself is very expensive and not everyone has the opportunity to purchase it.

And here the service developed by us comes to the rescue, which for reasonable money makes it possible, first of all, to check our solution (Expert advisor for Forex) and, secondly, to find partners who are united by one goal.

  • For only $20 (first month) you can order a Expert Advisor rental service and watch its trading for a month.
  • • The strong point is that it does not matter what the trading account will be, real or demo, only one thing is important, the end result on your account at the end of the trading period.
  • The money paid for the Expert Advisor rental service will be used to purchase a VPS, which will provide uninterrupted access to the Internet and electricity.


We are interested in healthy and honest cooperation, so the cost of renting a Expert Advisor for accounts up to $1,000 will be $50.


• Profit sharing for accounts with a deposit of more than $1,000 is 50% to 50% in favor of the client.

• Profit split for accounts with a deposit of more than $10,000 is 60% to 40% in favor of the client.

• Profit split for accounts with a deposit of more than $50,000 is 65% to 35% in favor of the client.


If at the end of the trading period the profit is zero, only the VPS rental is paid.


  • Your money is in your personal brokerage account.
  • Affordable Monitoring of all trading systems.
  • You can watch the robot work in real time.
  • Low payment for renting a Expert Advisor compared to buying it.
  • No need to spend thousands of dollars to develop a trading robot.
  • You don't need programming skills.
  • Full control of the entire process.
  • Possibility to withdraw funds at any time.
  • High safety.
  • High yield.
  • Free VPS ( 99.9% UpTime).
  • You can check us out for only $20/mo.

How to place an order and start trading with a robot.

1. Open a trading account with a trusted broker using our affiliate link.

2. Write a request to our mail Specify the desired robot, the amount of the deposit and the rental period.

3. The manager will answer your questions and give you an invoice for payment (software rental services) of the trading robot.

4. Starting the robot (Additional instructions will be issued individually)

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